Freight Claim Program Terms & Conditions

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Effective January 1, 2017

Under the following terms and conditions, Mayline will file a freight claim for our customer in case of loss or damage and provide no charge replacement if necessary. The claim will be filed in Mayline's name. If the terms and conditions outlined below are not met, Mayline will not take responsibility for the freight claim, it will become the responsibility of the customer, and a chargeable replacement order will be provided.

The recipient of the shipment must make a visual inspection of the product and cartons. Clearly inspect the conditions of all cartons, and note specifically any carton and or product damage. Please be specific. For example, "One File Harbor cabinet dented on left side near top", "One Data Cabinet carton punctured", "One Blue Print File carton dented on front side", "Delivery receipt shows six boxes, only received five". Select Mayline products are shipped with a shock watch indicator. The boxes are clearly marked as such. The shock watch indicator status will be red if product incurred a significant blow or drop. Please note the status of the indicator on the delivery receipt and to Mayline when reporting the claim. Sign the carrier's delivery receipt as damaged when there is visible damaged noted upon receipt.

Do not refuse an entire shipment because of damage to one item. All undamaged products must be accepted. The delivery receipt must be signed specifically for any refused items, noting item number and reason.

Call the delivering carrier's local terminal to request inspection of damaged product, or to report the shortage.

Leave the damaged product and its captioning at the location it was received. Do not move the product to another location, or the claim will be denied. Under no circumstances should the damaged product be installed and in use prior to inspection.

Contact Customer Service at Mayline, to report all claims. The email address is [email protected]. Be prepared to provide the Mayline order number and each model number that was damaged or lost. Whenever possible, e-mail digital photographs detailing the damage. Pictures are very helpful in resolving a damage claim. Be prepared to describe in detail the type of damage incurred, and what repair or replacement parts are necessary to correct the situation.

Mayline will coordinate entering the no charge replacement order, and will file the freight claim in Mayline's name. The replacement order will ship free astray by the carrier that handled the original order. Mayline will call our corporate claims contact for that particular carrier, and will coordinate any activity to resolve the claim, such as ensuring if an inspection is needed or not, or scheduling the removal of damaged product from our customer's premises. Mayline will make every effort to react timely and efficiently to the needs of each situation.

If there is damage to a shipment that is not properly signed for at the time of delivery, the following rules apply in addition to those above.

If product is received short, or with visible or concealed damage, but the delivery receipt is not signed for damaged or short, the damage or shortage must be reported to Mayline within 7 calendar days.

Mayline will file a freight claim in our name, but due to freight carrier's standard practices with regards to a delivery signed for free and clear, we can not be assured the claim will be honored. Accordingly, we will provide a chargeable replacement order. Whatever monies we are able to collect from the delivering carrier will be credited to our customer's account. The replacement order will be placed with 60-day terms to allow time for the claim to be resolved prior to payment being due.