1. Where can I get finish samples? www.mayline.com/samples.html
  2. What is the freight policy? www.mayline.com/claims.html
  3. What is my discount? Call customer service at 800-822-8037
  4. What is the product lead-time? www.mayline.com/new/leads.pdf
  5. What is the status of my order? Enter your account number at www.mayline.com/track_orders.php or if you do not have your account number call customer service at 800-822-8037.
  6. Who is my local sales representative? www.mayline.com/dealers/dealers.php
  7. How can I get literature? www.mayline.com/literature.php
  8. Where can I find a dealer in my area? www.mayline.com/office-furniture-dealers.html
  9. Where can I find assembly instructions? www.mayline.com/assembly.html
  10. What is the Mayline warranty policy? www.mayline.com//pricebookpdf/Apr2013/Terms_Cond.pdf
  11. Can I enter an order on your website? www.mayline.com/securelogin/main.php?fp=2
  12. What is current stock status on REAL Office products and Seating? www.mayline.com/securelogin/