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ARC Rotary Files — Storage Comes Full Circle. Two-sided access delivers twice the benefits..  ARC™ Rotary Files fit where other files won’t to reduce storage space requirements and make retrieving items easier. Minimal access space is required because no doors or drawers protrude into aisles. Yet users can access twice the amount of material from a single vantage point, compared to conventional filing solutions. Plus, there are no cumbersome foot pedals to operate—a slight push is all it takes to rotate cabinets. With its double depth design, efficiency takes a turn for the better with ARC Rotary Files.


Access to both sides of files. ARC™ Rotary Files offer 3-7 tiers of letter-depth, flexible cantilevered shelving to provide the most unobstructed filing inches per level, and the easiest installation possible. Files are equipped with a rotating mechanism that self-locates every 90 degrees. Cantilevered slotted shelves are adjustable on both sides of the unit. Shelves adjust in 1-1/2" -high increments, with a 120 lb. weight capacity per shelf.
Choose from six preconfigured units or specify your own. Empty units can be configured in endless variations for mixed media storage solutions. The universal base allows for system expansion in either direction. Complete units are ideal for storing color-coded end tab filing.




Everything is in easy reach. The ARC Rotary Work Center provides convenient storage for end-tab and top-tab filing, binders, supplies, and other materials. Add an optional work surface to create a standing-height table, for twice the productivity.
Options to customize further. Optional pullout reference shelf provides space for writing file notations or easy viewing without having to go to your desk. Other options include rollout drawers available in multiple heights, rollout shelves, rollout hanging file frames, and pass-through storage shelves.




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