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e5™ is the ideal go-anywhere, do-anything, furniture solution that aligns creativity with common sense. It’s the perfect complement to today’s open-plan aesthetic, and a practical solution for private office plans. With remarkable storage solutions that fit neatly anywhere—from training rooms to break rooms, and every room in between—e5™ is the highly resourceful and inspirational solution that makes easy work of desking.


easy to install. Time is money. Save both with the smart and uncomplicated design of e5™. The ingenious modular units install in 30-40% less time than typical industry models. Simply slide and lock securely into place, with minimal tools and fasteners.
easy to power. The patent-pending Technology Beltway of e5™ puts power within easy reach. The exclusive beltway seamlessly and discreetly threads power throughout any configuration, even after systems have already been assembled.




easy to reconfigure. Rearrange, reuse, reinvent. As needs change, e5™ responds with common-sense components that offer abundant reconfiguration possibilities. Today’s bench can become tomorrow’s executive desk. Whatever the future brings, e5™ accommodates beautifully.




easy to specify. Selection and planning are trouble-free with the logical and intuitive structure of e5™. Minimal parts makes specifying simple and fast. It’s nearly impossible to get it wrong, but support is just a phone call away should you ever need it.
easy to afford. Impressive cost/feature ratio. With superior technology integration, exceptional finishes, contemporary colored accents, and boundless storage options, there are more ways than ever to customize and personalize work spaces with e5™.


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