Product Line - XR Series

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XR — Smooth and Smart Operator. High and mighty height adjustability.  The XR-Series is proof that height adjustability isn’t just about promoting movement. It should also support diversity, and the XR-Series does so brilliantly. It offers three memory settings on the control switch, letting workers save their favorite positions. And when changes in departments or employees are in order, the XR-Series transitions seamlessly to the next user. It provides a smart alternative to manually lowering or raising desks and other work surfaces to accommodate new users.


Electric drive mechanism. Easy adjustability accommodates each individual no matter his or her size. New workers can define their own optimal surface heights in a matter of seconds.
Three-position memory settings, Generous range of motion. Users identify their working comfort levels and the XR-Series remembers them. 26.5" of vertical adjustment, from 24" to 50.5".




Designed to meet challenging work environments. Supports up to 250 lbs. (dual-column) or 350 lbs. (triple-column).
Variety of surface options for a variety of space needs. Available in rectangular or corner single surface, rectangular dual surface, or add a data center mechanism on the corner single unit.




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