DISCONTINUED TransAction - Racetrack Technology Intensive Conference Table

For alternative product please call Customer Care.

TransAction's great style and smart design is perfect for today's multi-media, high-tech conference rooms.

  • Three shapes of conference surfaces: Boat-shaped, Rectangular, Racetrack
  • Stylish heavy steel base and leg panels available in Mayline Corporate colors including new Tech Silver with leg inserts to match the table surface laminate or veneer.
  • Tops constructed of 1 1/8" thick high-pressure laminate with knife-edge T-mold. Biltmore Cherry and Witchcraft laminates match Aberdeen Conference Accessories.
  • Technology intensive table includes under-table trough and surface opening with acrylic cover; basic table also available without technology trough
  • 8' and 10' tables have two starter legs with one trough opening/cover; 12' table has two starter legs, one adder support leg and two trough openings/covers. Additional support leg and trough opening/cover per 6' section.
  • All tables 29.5" in height.
  • Power and data components ordered separately
  • Racetrack Technology Intensive Table



Fabrics & Finishes

Transaction Laminates

  • Cocoa HPL
  • Maple HPL
  • Windswept Pewter HPL
  • Witchcraft HPL
  • Pearwood HPL
  • Fashion Gray HPL
  • Mahogany HPL
  • Crown Cherry HPL
  • Asian Night HPL
  • Nebula Graphite HPL
  • Biltmore Cherry HPL
  • Designer White HPL
  • Asian Sand HPL
  • Storm Gray Matrix HPL
  • Columbian Walnut HPL
  • Summer Suede HPL
  • Classic Rock HPL
  • Nebula Gray HPL
  • Raven HPL

Transaction Edging

  • Light Brown Edge
  • Black Edge
  • Medium Brown Edge
  • Ice Gray Edge
  • Dark Brown Edge
  • Warm Gray Edge
  • Brick Edge
  • Taupe Edge
  • Raven Edge
  • Designer White Edge

Transaction Paints

  • Black Paint
  • White Paint
  • Sand Beige Paint
  • Blue Medium Paint
  • Textured Graphite Paint
  • Putty Paint
  • Sand Paint
  • Medium Tone Paint
  • Cranberry Paint
  • Pebble Gray Paint
  • Textured Gray Paint
  • Hunter Paint
  • Warm White Paint
  • Mist Paint
  • Tech Silver Paint
  • Desert Sage Paint
  • Navy Paint