Mobile 1000

The new 1000 series Mobile Aisle comes with greater flexibility for rail placement allowing design to be easier around obstructions and on specialized floor support applications. The Mobile Aisle1000 Mechanical Assist system is operated by a three pronged star handle with red safety occupancy indicator. Conveniently located in the center of the end panel assembly, the handle will easily move 10,000 pounds of shelving and media with only 1 pound of effort. Multiple ranges can be moved simultaneously promoting increased filing and retrieval time. The heavy-duty mechanical assist design can move up to 30 feet in range length. In addition to traditional filing solutions the system offers a wide variety of storage options that will provide a secure environment for items such as archival objects, law enforcement guns, ammo and evidence, medical and pharmaceutical supplies and instruments, and retail backroom storage, to name a few, utilizing traditional steel shelving, wire shelving, rollout drawers and slatwall.

  • Mobile Aisle 1000 Mechanical Assist for larger, heavy-duty applications
  • Save up to 75% of space required by traditional lateral files
  • New adjustable track placement on 6" increments
  • Unique modular track design requires no grout for leveling
  • Easy to add-on to and to relocate
  • In track anti-tip mechanism
  • Heavy-duty steel construction supports up to 8,000 lbs. per carriage
  • Designed to support New Exact Dimension 4-Post and Wire Shelving as well as File Harbor and Mayline or competitive lateral files.
  • 3-Spoke handle requires only 1 lb. of force to move 10,000 lb. load
  • Supports filing system up to 30' long under normal conditions
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Fabrics & Finishes

Mobile 1000 Paints

  • Cranberry Paint
  • Pebble Gray Paint
  • Textured Gray Paint
  • Hunter Paint
  • Warm White Paint
  • Mist Paint
  • Tech Silver Paint
  • Desert Sage Paint
  • Navy Paint
  • Black Paint
  • White Paint
  • Sand Beige Paint
  • Blue Medium Paint
  • Textured Graphite Paint
  • Putty Paint
  • Sand Paint
  • Medium Tone Paint

Mobile 1000 Carpet and Tile Colors

  • Dark Gray Vinyl Tile
  • Antique Brown Vinyl Tile
  • Charcoal Carpet
  • Brown Carpet