Sustainability Efforts

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Sustainability in Action

Mayline has established a Sustainability Action Committee to initiate and oversee improvements leading to waste prevention or reduction, increased recycling, reduced energy consumption, and the establishment of environmentally sensitive design standards.

Recent Accomplishments for Mayline

  • Focused additional efforts on paper and corrugate recycling resulting in over 28,000 pounds of material avoiding the landfill. This was the equivalent of saving over 241 trees, 99,000 gallons of water, 853 less pounds of air pollutants, and 1,949 gallons of oil saved.
  • Reduced steel waste by 401,000 pounds.
  • Implemented product design and manufacturing optimization efforts to reduce wood scrap by 183,000 pounds.
  • Furthered our program for recycling paint, eliminated nearly 1,100 gallons from the waste stream.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Mayline understands its responsibility to provide a sustainable environment for our families, our community, our environment, and our company.  We are committed to implementing practices which demonstrate results toward environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our goals are a journey and we are making consistent, measurable progress toward minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing the economic vitality of our company.

Our approach is very pragmatic: do what makes sense environmentally and economically, not for the purpose of winning awards or dramatizing our efforts.

Please utilize the following links for more specific information: