TransAction Dual-Sided Workstations

TransAction is designed with partitions that can create boundaries, limit distractions and create visual separation while still allowing people to be seen when they need to network. Used in benching for a moderate visual privacy and in personal workstations to provide more privacy to focus on tasks at hand, acrylic or panel partitions create a pleasing environment.

Acrylic Screens

  • Stylish frosted acrylic screens with flame polished edges to give the appearance of glass.
  • Standard in green crystal ice acrylic/frosted on both sides - other colors and shapes available as specials with extended lead times and additional fees. Contact Customer Service for details.
  • Screens available as space dividers and for limited privacy.
  • Left-to-Right Screens rectangular 11.5" high; Front-to-Back Divider Screens angle from 7.5" high on front edges to 11.5" high in the center.
  • Left-to-Right Screens available in 24", 30", 42", 54", and 66" widths; Front-to-Back Screen available in 24" and 54" widths.
  • Zinc alloy brackets in satin silver included with screens mount to the beam at one end for support and with non-skid tape on front edge of work surface.
    Acrylic PanelsAcrylic Panels

Fabric Panels

  • Tackable eco-friendly divider panels.
  • Left -to-Right and Front- to- Back panels available for division of space.
  • Left-to-Right Panels available in 24", 30", 42", 54", and 66" widths all 11.5" high; Front-to-Back Panels available in 24" and 54" wide by 11.5" high. Overall height when mounted on brackets is 13.5".
  • Panels are available in Mayline Corporate fabrics from Guilford of Maine with T-mold trim available in six colors including our new Silver. Additional fabric offerings are available. Panel lead times are dependent upon fabric availability. Call Customer Service for lead times and price quotation.
  • Stylish painted steel brackets slide into slot in panel and are bolted to the beam for support. The brackets have non-skid tape at front edge of work surface. Required brackets are included with each panel.
    Fabric Panels