TransAction Technology Support

Monitor and Computer Accessories

TransAction is all about technology support and, as a result, Mayline has developed its own unique line of stylish and affordable monitor poles and supports. The extruded brushed aluminum poles and monitor support arms are easy to install and adjust as required. The poles bolt to the TransAction beam for stability. Each pole can support 4 monitors or a 42’ wide monitor screen. Simple wire management clips give your work surface a clean appearance. Time is money and when a monitor has to be replaced you need to do it quickly. The easy on and off system with wire connection through removable access panels on the work surface to the trough makes your down time minimal.

Monitor Support System

  • Extruded aluminum poles with removable cap for easy access to mount monitor arms.
  • User friendly poles and arms provide easy adjustments of heights and viewing angles.
  • Monitor poles bolt firmly to center beam.
  • Multiple attachment locations available along the beam structure (square opening) for optimal placement.
  • Two available pole heights, 15"H and 29.5"H, to meet needs for varying number and positions of monitors.
  • Monitor arm supports attach easily to the post by sliding the clamp down the vertical channel on the pole positioning it at desired height and tightening at that position with an easy to use lever system.
  • Monitor arm supports available in no-arm, single-arm and dual-arm models.
  • Easy to install and use wire management included.
    Monitor Support

Other Accessories

  • Mayline's Retractable Keyboard Platform and Mouse Platform can be attached to TransAction work surfaces.
  • CPU holder model number C894 is also available to attach CPU's to TransAction workstations.