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To order Mayline Finish Samples, please log into the Dealer Dashboard to place your order.  You may also email your request to [email protected] or call 1-800-822-8037 to place a phone order.  Thank You.


Acrylic Panels

Item Item #
Acrylic Panel Color Set SAMACRYSET



Laminate & Veneer Casegoods

Item Item #
Sterling Textured Driftwood Laminate SAMTDW
Sterling Textured Mocha Laminate SAMTDC
Sterling/Medina Textured Brown Sugar Laminate SAMTBS
Sterling/Medina Textured Sea Salt Laminate SAMTSS
Medina Mahogany Laminate SAMLMH
Medina / Aberdeen Gray Steel Laminate SAMLGS
Medina Mocha Laminate SAMLDC
Veneer Samples - Mahogany (this is for the Napoli and Corsica lines) REALMAH
Veneer Samples - Sierra Cherry (this is for the Napoli and Corsica lines) REALCRY
Veneer Samples - Golden Cherry (This is for the Napoli line) REALGCH
Corsica Edge Profile - Mahogany REALCCMAH
Corsica Edge Profile - Sierra Cherry REALCCCRY
Napoli Edge Profile - Mahogany REALNCMAH
Napoli Edge Profile - Sierra Cherry REALNCCRY
Napoli Edge Profile - Golden Cherry REALNCGCH
Aberdeen Maple Laminate SAMLMA
Aberdeen & Brighton Cherry Laminate SAMLCR
Aberdeen, Brighton and Medina Mocha Laminate SAMLDC
Luminary Veneer Sample - Maple REALLUMM
Luminary Veneer Sample - Cherry REALLUMC
Mira Veneer Sample - Medium Cherry REALMIRMC
Mira Veneer Sample - Espresso REALESP
Luminary Edge Profile - Maple REALLCM
Luminary Edge Profile - Cherry REALLCC
Mira Edge Profile - Medium Cherry REALMCMC
Sorrento Bourbon Cherry Veneer Sample REALSCR
Sorrento Espresso Veneer Sample REALESP
Sorrento Corner Sample (Bourbon Cherry with Bird's Eye Maple and Walnut inlay) REALSCSCR
Sorrento - Black Granite Sample for Reception REALSSCRG



High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
(Not available on every product line. Check current Price List.)

Item Item #
Complete Corporate Laminate Sample Chain (set of 20). SAMLCHN
Nebula Graphite (NEBU) SAM5AJ
Storm Gray Matrix (STGM) SAM5N
Nebula Gray (GYNA) SAM5CG
Windswept Pewter (WSPE) SAM5PE
Fashion Gray (FNGY) SAM5CD
Classic Rock (CLRK) SAM5VN
Crown Cherry (CRCH) SAM5J
Pearwood (PEAR) SAM5HT
Mahogany (WIMY) SAM5DX
Asian Sand (AISA) SAM5LA
Asian Night (ASNT) SAM5XT
Witchcraft - Mocha (WCFT) SAM5VG2
Biltmore Cherry (BMCH) SAM5KZ
Designer White SAM5PA
Summer Suede SAM5AGE
Columbian Walnut SAM5AHC



Thermally Fused Laminates (See Corporate Color Program for limitations)

Item Item #
3"x3" Biltmore Cherry (LCRM) sample for e5 SAMLCRM
Raven (RAVE) sample for e5 E5SAMR
Columbian Walnut (CWLN) sample for e5 E5SAMCW
Cocoa (COCA) sample for e5 E5SAMC
Designer White (DSWH) sample for e5 E5SAMDW
Summer Suede (SMRS) sample for e5 E5SAMSS
Biltmore Cherry (LCRM) sample for e5 E5SAMBC
Witchcraft Mocha (LDMC) SAMLDCM
Speckled Gray Matrix (GRMA) SAM5VZ
Ice Gray (ICEG) SAM5Z
Fog Gray (FGGY) SAM5V
Regal Mahogany table top SAMCARMH
Folkstone table top SAMCAFLK
Anthracite table top SAMCAANT



Corporate Trim (Edge) Colors

Item Item #
Complete Corporate Trim Sample Chain (Set of 11). SAMTCHN
Warm Gray SAMTWG
Tech Silver - for HPL Surface Only SAMTSV
Brick - for HPL Surface Only SAMTRB
Light Brown - for HPL Surface Only SAMTLB
Medium Brown - for HPL Surface Only SAMTMB
Dark Brown - for HPL Surface Only SAMTDB
Designer White - for HPL Surface Only. SAMTWI
Raven - for HPL Surface Only SAMTRV




Item Item #
Medium Cherry SAMEASTMEC



Butcher Block Sample for TechWorks only

Item Item #
Butcher Block (BBLC) SAM5MF



Wood Finishes for wood plan files
and wood drawing tables only

Item Item #
Golden Oak (Y5) SAMY5
Naturalist/Unfinished (two-sided) (X5) SAMX5



Corporate Paints

Item Item #
Complete Corporate Paint Sample Chain (Set of first 15 samples shown below. Does NOT include Tech Silver, Putty, or the 3 e5 colors - order those separately.) SAMPCHN
Black SAMS5
Medium Tone SAMJR5
Mist SAM4606
Graphite (Textured Paint) SAME5
Blue Medium SAMJP5
Corporate Sand SAMFH5
Textured Gray/Gray (Textured Paint) SAMP5
Pebble Gray SAMHT5
Cranberry SAMJM5
Desert Sage SAMM5
Warm White SAM4700
Hunter SAMJG5
Sand Beige SAMD5
White SAMG5
Tech Silver (not included in corporate chain). SAMHK5
Putty (not included in the corporate chain) SAMH5
Black Paint Sample for e5 (not included in the corporate chain) E5SAMBLK
Tech Silver Paint for e5 (not included in the corporate chain) E5SAMTKSV
Furniture White Paint for e5 (not included in the corporate chain) E5SAMWHIT
White, Silver, Black Paint Chain for Cohere (not included in the corporate chain) SAMCOHERE



Pedestal Paints - P-Peds Only

Item Item #
Black SAMS5-
Light Gray (matches Steelcase Gray Value 1) SAMT5
Dark Gray (matches Steelcase Gray Value 5) SAM4692



Textured Paints for TechWorks and CSII overhead door (matches t-molds, grommets, and stackable fabric panel finishing kits)

Item Item #
Complete CSII Overhead Door Paint Sample Chain (Set of 4 includes Warm Gray, Ice Gray, Black & Taupe) SAMPFDCHN
Warm Gray SAMKD5
Ice Gray SAMKB5
Black SAMKA5
Taupe SAMKC5
Textured Graphite - Recommended For TechWorks SAMDW5
Textured Black - Recommended For TechWorks SAMDV5



Corporate Fabrics (Guilford of Maine Fabrics)

Item Item #
Complete Corporate Fabric Sample Chain (Set of 15) SAMFCHN
Spinel Tiger Eye SAMSTY
Spinel Sandstone SAMSSS
Spinel Guilden SAMSGL
Lido Balboa SAMBAL
Lido Heartland SAMLHL
Lido Bryce Canyon SAMLBC
Mingle Crystal SAMMCT
Mingle Khaki SAMMKH
Mingle Biscuit SAMMBT
Crosstown Buff SAMCBF
Crosstown Ray SAMCRA
Crosstown Fieldstone SAMCFS
Anchorage Goose SAMAGS
Bailey Khaki SAMBKH
Hopscotch Fieldstone SAMHFS



Fabric and Leather Seating (Momentum Fabrics)

Item Item #
Comfort/Big & Tall/4005AG Stool/3200 Chair, Black Fabric SAMBLK
Comfort/Big & Tall Series/4005AG Stool, Gray Fabric SAMGRY
Lounge, Almond Leather (Santa Cruz only) SAMMLALM
Mercado, Ultimo, Big & Tall Series and Lounge, Black Leather SAMMLBLK
Mercado Series, Burgundy Leather SAMMLBUR
Mercado Wood VSC Series, Black Leather SAMVSCBLK
Mercado Wood VSC Series, Cream Leather SAMVSCCRM
Valore' High Back, Black Mesh SAMTSHBB
Valore' High Back, Orange Mesh SAMTSHBO
Valore' High Back, Red Mesh SAMTSHBR
Valore' High Back, Black Fabric Seat SAMTSHB
Valore' Mid-Back, Black Mesh SAMTSMBB
Valore' Mid-Back, Orange Mesh SAMTSMBO
Valore' Mid-Back, Burgundy Mesh SAMTSMBR
Valore' Mid-Back, Black Fabric Seat SAMTSMB
COSY, Black Fabric Seat SAMBUBLKC
COSY, White Fabric Seat SAMBUWHE
COSY, Orange Fabric Seat SAMBUORN
COSY, Blue Fabric Seat SAMBURBL
COSY, Red Fabric Seat SAMBUDED
COSY, Lime Green Fabric Seat SAMBULGN
Fabric specifications and pattern selections for e5, and Commute and Valore' upholstered seating. FABCARD



Mobile 1000 Vinyl Tile and Carpet

Item Item #
Charcoal Carpet SAM64549
Taupe Carpet SAM64740
Antique Brown Vinyl Tile SAMF959AN
Dark Grey Vinyl Tile SAMF959DY



Tambour Door
(for File Harbor and Mailroom Stystems Storage Console)

Item Item #
Complete Sample Chain (set of 4 - Sand, Graphite, Mist and Pebble Gray) SAMTAMSET




Item Item #
Label Holder, Magnetic, 1/2"H x 3"L, Clear w/ white insert SAM911785
Label Holder, 3/8H"x3L", Self Adhesive SAM90145